Relationship Coaching

People explore couples coaching and relational psychotherapy for many different reasons. It may be that their relationship has broken down or they are anxious that it might. Sustaining a fulfilling and stable relationship is never easy. Pressures from work, money, children, family tensions and ill health can all contribute to creating problems. Everyone goes through bad patches and sometimes it helps to consult a trained professional to make sense of what is happening and find a way forward.

Opening up communication

During a lasting relationship people face many important decisions and turning points. Sometimes couples can't talk to each other about these problems. Opening up communications again can give us a better understanding of the underlying issues. I also work with people who are ending a marriage or a long-term relationship. Coaching can help people going through this painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their lives.

Relational psychotherapy 

This can also be an in-depth process for couples who are having difficulties in their relationship and want to explore how these problems have arisen and what interferes with changing them. Present problems often reflect underlying difficulties from each partner's experiences in earlier life. The aim here is to understand and bring awareness to what lies behind current difficulties.

I have taken part in couples coaching with James. As well as being a consummate professional with high integrity, he is remarkably sensitive and compassionate. He is also totally committed to his clients’ growth and very little gets past him. I can highly recommend him as someone to work with if you are serious about personal growth.
— Anon - London