Integral Coaching

Integral life coaching can help with a range of issues, overcoming interpersonal difficulties with others, vague dissatisfaction in ones life or career, feeling “stuck” wanting to be more effective at work or creating more balance and richness in ones life.

As an integrally informed coach I work intimately in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and honesty, looking to support an individual by focusing on their interpretation of his or her current situation, including the individuals self interpretation.

I will hold clients accountable keeping them moving toward their goals but also helping them make important personal changes that remove self imposed limits that have been holding them back.

A person's effectiveness is directly related to the assumptions, beliefs and self imposed conceptual limitations, therefore one must be willing to examine and change these beliefs about self and others (inside and outside) for true meaningful change to take place.

Change always occurs with the right information and motivation. As an integral coach I am committed to helping others to find his or her own truths and by working together an individual can take action into actualising their goals.

I had tried other counsellors before I found James, his refreshingly practical focus was extremely appealing and meant he was the right one for me. While he did help me tease out the historic, root causes of many of my recurring issues, he also has a remarkable ability to see beyond conventional approaches to therapy. His generous, down-to-earth insights and real-world proposals have led me to dozens of positive encounters great and small, and to an understanding of myself I never expected.
— Anon, Brighton