Demystifying Meditation

Just the word meditation scares many people off, with narratives of hours of uncomfortable sitting and rigid posturing and a whole heap of rules. And because most teachings are steeped in ancient religious or mystical traditions, the particular pronunciations or language can seem conceptually complicated. Vipassana, Raja Yoga, Transcendental meditation, Zen, Advaita, the list is endless.

But don’t let all this put you off from the profound and important experience that meditation can offer you, because as a practice, it is a lot simpler than you think.

So just where do you begin?

Here in a nutshell is the layperson’s guide to greater awareness, clarity of thought and emotion, greater concentration, creativity and an abundance of energy.

Step 1 Relaxation - Body

Find a comfortable position, but not horizontal; spend a few minutes focusing on all sensations that arise in your body, familiarise yourself with all of your body and become aware of your body self.

Step 2 Contemplation - Emotion

Spend a few moments becoming aware of which emotions are arising in your body, fear, anger, sadness, joy? Be present fully with each emotion, and build a relationship with your emotional self.

Step 3 Contemplation – Mind

Become aware of thoughts, any dialogue, images, symbols, concepts, and ideas that arise in your mind. Follow a few threads of thought and watch what kind of thoughts are running through your mind.

Step 4 Concentration

Focus on the space between your eyebrows and hold your attention there for as long as you can. When a sensation, emotion, thought arises just notice your attention has moved and then bring your focus back to between your eyes. Over time the ability to hold your attention will progress. Concentration is necessary to train your brain and mind to stay focused and still.

Step 5 Meditation

Without the foundations and understanding of the previous processes you will not experience the essence of what meditation is. Meditation will embrace all of the above yet will no longer be attached to what is arising. In this space alone is meditation, where you will experience the essence of your Self.

But don’t take my word for it, go try it!

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