Symbols of Worth

More than any other time in history we live in a time whereby objects symbolically imbued and agreed with collective meaning, inherently point to ones value or worth. 

Depending upon how much or how little you have of an object of worth, it is likely to give rise to a internal message or question regarding your self esteem.

Consider the next question. How much are you worth and of what is your value?

Whilst reflecting upon this question, do you create an actual monetary amount? (Or if you are a millennial, you may even be considering how many 'likes' you would need ;)

So how could, or why would one might add currency (or a 'like') to your actual value or worth? However crass this question may be, we have been led to believe that our worth and or value is determined by what our culture has conditioned us to believe.

 Systems of Worth

The world is and has been a market place of transactions over the last few thousand years, steeped in mercantilism (buyers buying and sellers selling) and our language and thinking is built upon these now often unconscious transactions.

 And consider this commonly asked question…..And what do you do? 

On the 'social level' this question may appear harmless about your work/career role, yet on the 'psychological level' an assessment of your status/value and your worth, is about to be applied. Your familial or societal ‘role’ will be determined for better or worse and these assessments are happening many, many times throughout the day. 

Consider a most basic assessment on an 'unconscious and primitive level’ that our nervous system ask's with every new person we meet, such as …

 Could the other that stands before me, be...

My friend? (safety/survival)

My enemy? (threat/death)

or My lover? (reproduction/pleasure)

In today’s complex world we are conditioned by culture/consumerism and capitalism and literally force fed via news ‘feed's’ or advertising (with the ‘buy in’ emphasis often upon lack). Yet one of the main reasons we depend so much upon what others think of us, is because it's something we have been relying on since birth, as being dependent upon the ‘OTHER’ or Mo-ther or Fa-ther’ has always been paramount for early survival. 

However, if we don’t loosen our attachment as we mature over time, we may transfer onto other’s our earliest survival needs and overly attach and depend upon these surrogate symbols or systems of worth, that will ultimately keep us un-free. And what may be more concerning, is that without the recognition from an-other or a culture 'status based expectation' or without the 'dependent object or other' within grasp, our spurious sense of safety and self esteem may go up in a puff of illusory smoke.

This attachment dynamic is the root cause of most addiction and our modern day ‘symbols/systems of worth' in all their guises underpin any manifest symptom.

 So, how much are you really worth?