James Clifton  

I have been engaged in personal development for three decades and have been working relationally and professionally with others since 1989.

Having studied many of the world's perennial philosophies since my early teens, I moved into formal professional study and training in 1996, completing a 5-year psychotherapy and counselling training in 2002. I have worked with individuals, couples and groups in a counselling, psychotherapy and coaching based context since then.

Illness and dis-ease, be that mental, emotional, physical, cultural, relational or environmental is often due to embedded patterns, rhythm's or lifestyle's that are not in harmony with ones truth. My aim is to become an individual's ally by supporting, guiding and encouraging them toward change, uncovering conscious or unconscious blocks that may have dis-abled or restricted growth. 

Hard wired into our being is part of our unique potential waiting to be discovered, and once a person's whole being is in alignment, the natural order of things allows this potential to unfold.